It's 2018 and we have a lot of changes that are coming up this year. 

First, we've completed testing the website. It's 100% and working great. That's been a big job and our thanks goes out to everyone whose been patiently waiting for us to be up and running.

Second, we're going to be adding a lot of products to the website. Obviously the site is very small at this point. But we have to start somewhere. We've completed adding over 100 biker bells as a roll out to test the site and make sure it's working perfect, but that's just a small start to what we have planned. Over the next year, we'll be expanding the site across the board with expanded categories and product lines. 

Third, the shipping companies have really thrown a wrench into the works with their rate increases this month. We're working with USPS, FED-EX and UPS to get the lowest rates possible. Shipping is a big bugaboo for online e-tailers. And we're no exception. No one likes charging for shipping and we know customers don't like paying shipping, but with rising shipping cost, it's increasing difficult to ship everything free. We frequently hear about Amazon shipping free, but, according to, they also took a $7B (that's billion) loss in shipping for 2016. Our commitment to our customers is we will always work to keep our shipping cost to a minimum and free as much as possible while maintaining a strong and profitable business that will be around not only tomorrow but for decades to come.

Forth, we'll be revising the website. Right now, it's fairly basic. We want to add some design features that will make your shopping experience pleasurable and informative. 

Just a brief recap of what we have planned for 2018.

Thanks for reading.