Just a brief note about what's happening around here at thebikersstore.com. 

We've finished development of the site with testing. Everything is functioning as designed. As of Wednesday of this week, we've started the process of adding products to the site. We've started with biker bells because they are easy to list and will be part of our ongoing testing to make sure the site works exactly as planned. We should have all of our bells that we have in stock up on the site within the next 7-10 days. Check out one of the bells. You'll see we've also added a video. This is something we plan on doing with the majority, if not every, product that we have on the site.

From here on, we'll be rolling out new products as fast as possible. So check back with us often.

As a final note, everything on the site is stock on hand and in our store. Everything you see on the site is ready to ship. 

Designing a website is a big task. If you see something you would like added or changed, just post a comment. We appreciate any input.

Ride safe and ride often.